Online reputation management

Tackling the ORM Obstacle

Reputation is the utmost thing that drives a business. Be it online or offline. As a matter of fact, online reputation matters a little bit more in the case of websites and online businesses. Once the website gains a bad reputation, the search engines’ indices start refusing to acknowledge the website among top results. Result – a drop in traffic. Not good! So, what gives web sites bad reputation and how to tackle the problem? Let’s take a look.

A Bad Rep

There can be multiple variables leading to a bad rep for a website. Unfavorable user reviews, undesired issues, the offensive or politically incorrect content being just the tip of the iceberg.

Once a website is gaining such negative feedback, it starts moving down the priority list in the SEO results. Further, it goes down, the more difficult it is for users and potential clients to notice your website.


Online reputation management is a module which eliminates such possibilities of your website tumbling down the search results list. Or at least keep them in check. ORM firms use multiple techniques to overcome this issue.

Techniques used by ORM firms

The most popular thing ORM companies do is to proactively communicate with the reviewer regarding their issue, and strive to solve it. That is one way of keeping the negatives in check. Another popular method is to collaborate with some already higher ranked websites and get them to mention your business on their site. Referral encourages trust. There are a million different things the ORM professionals do to keep a website in the so called good books.

The need for online reputation management is immense in this day and age. With people growing more skeptical day by day, ORM is a mandatory requirement of a working website. Because you’re online, and at the end of the day, people will always trust a good reputation, especially when they can’t judge for themselves how good your business is.

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